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Emotional Struggles

Codependency and Addiction Recovery

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Ackerman, Robert J., Growing in the Shadow (ACA)
Ackerman, Robert J., Same House, Different Homes (ACA)
Alcoholics Anonymous (“The Big Book” for recovering alcoholics)
Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Beattie, Melody, Codependent No More
Beattie, Melody, Beyond Codependency and Getting Better All the Time
Beattie, Melody, Codependents’ Guide to the 12 Steps
Black, Claudia, It Will Never Happen to Me
Black, Claudia, Repeat After Me
Bly, Robert, Iron John, A Book about Men
Carnes, Patrick, Out of the Shadows (sexual addiction)
Dyer, Wayne, Your Erroneous Zones
Hendrix, Harville, Getting the Love you Want: A Guide for Couples
Johnson, Robert A., We (Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love)
Johnson, Vernon E., I’ll Quit Tomorrow
Kritsberg, Wayne, The Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome
Larsen, Earnie, Stage II Recovery (Life beyond Addiction)
Larsen, Earnie, Stage II Relationships (Love beyond Addiction)
LeBoutillier, Megan, Little Miss Perfect (ACA)
Lee, John, I Don’t Want to be Alone
Lee, John, Recovery : Plain and Simple
Lee, John, The Flying Boy
Lerner, Harriet, The Dance of Anger
Lerner, Harriet, The Dance of Intimacy
Mellody, Pia, Facing Codependence
Mellody, Pia, Breaking Free (workbook for codependency recovery)
Nakken, Craig, The Addictive Personality (Roots, Rituals, Recovery)
Narcotics Anonymous (“The Big Book” for recovering drug addicts)
Paul, Jordan and Margaret, Do I Have to Give up Me to be Loved by You?
Peck, M. Scott, The Road Less Traveled
Peele, Stanton, Love and Addiction
Purcell, Mark, There Is a Place Where We Meet (The Poetic Journey of a Psychotherapist)
Rosellini, Gayle and Worden, Mark, Of Course You’re Angry
Schaef, Anne Wilson, When Society Becomes an Addict
Schaef, Anne Wilson, Escape from Intimacy
Subby, Robert, Lost in the Shuffle
Viorst, Judith, Necessary Losses
Wegscheider-Cruse, Sharon, Another Chance
Wegscheider-Cruse, Sharon, Choicemaking
Wegscheider-Cruse, Sharon, Learning to Love Yourself
Whitfield, M.D., Charles L., Healing the Child Within
Woititz, Janet G., Adult Children of Alcoholics
Woititz, Janet G., Marriage on the Rocks
Woititz, Janet G., Struggle for Intimacy

Meditation Books (Hazelden Educational Materials)

Lerner, Rokelle, Daily Affirmations (ACOA and Codependent)
Each Day a New Beginning (Women)
Night Light
The Promise of a New Day
Today’s Gift (Families)
Touchstones (Men)

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